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Anjou Blanc "Ecume de Bellevue" 2019


  • 13,50€

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  • Vintage : 2019
  • Volume : 75 cl
  • Grape : Chenin Blanc
  • Salon des Vins de Loire 2022
    Liger d'Or

Winemaking Criteria

- Harvest of yellow grapes with a high maturity of the Chenin variety on October 4, 2019, thanks to a very beautiful late season.
- Adaptations of the pre-fermentation phases according to the vintage (respect for the harvest, long delicate and gentle pressing with a pneumatic press, then 2 meticulous settling to garnish the structure of the grape juice, then the wine ...)
- Fermentation controlled only in barrels from October 16th (yeasting, temperature regulation to 17 -19 ° c thanks to these small volumes of 400l ...), no malolactic fermentation to preserve freshness.
- Long aging in barrels, and blending in June 2020 in order to obtain the most beautiful taste.
-Bottling during the month.

A Sensory Experience

The color is luminous, straw yellow with delicate bright and brilliant reflections.

The nose has a double profile, rich and complementary. The first sweet impression delivers aromas of ripe white and yellow fruits (apricots, peaches, etc.) followed by a floral hint of white flowers characteristic of Chenin (lime, vetiver with a hint of honeysuckle). Aging and fermentation in 400l oak barrels provide delicate aromas of sweet vanilla.

The attack on the palate is round and fine at the same time thanks to a slight acidity which energizes the finish and will allow very delicate pairings with food.

Wine and Food Matching

Its aromatic qualities and its perfect balance allow it to make numerous food and wine combinations; the marriage will be perfect with:

  • Grilled Fish with a creamy reduction sauce
  • White meats (Veal, poultry, rabbit) with creamy sauce, lamb sweatbread (“ris de veau”), truffled white sausages (“Boudin blanc truffé”)
  • fried scallops with its creamy reduction sauce of Coteaux du Layon
  • Hard chees (Comté, etc.)
This wine has great aging potential; it will evolve over a minimum of 8 to 10 years.

Dry White Wines

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