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Savennières - La Croix Picot 2018


  • 13,00€

  • /tax incl. PU *exclusive price
  • Vintage : 2018
  • Volume : 75 CL
  • Grape : Chenin Blanc
  • Independant Winemakers 2018 Awards 2020
    Gold Medal

  • Guide Hachette 2021 2020
    2 étoiles

  • Salon des Vins de Loire 2020
    Liger d'Or

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Winemaking Criteria

After a careful control of the quality, Chenin Blanc grapes are tasted over three weeks, until the harvest in different sortings (September 12th and 26th) in order to let all the yellow grapes in the plot of Croix Picot. (14%). We then use a several hour pre-fermentation maceration on a part of the cuvée, followed by a long pressing and a meticulous settling with controlled temperature (10 to 13°C or 50 to 55,4°F), in order to keep the aromas and the structure.

In-tank fermentation for a larger part and oak barrel for the rest of the cuvée after yeasting and a strict temperature control, between 16 and 17°C (60.8 and 62.6°F). We then proceed to an in-tank elevage for 80% of the cuvee. The remaining 20% went into oak barrels: we kept the lees in suspension during several months. Thus the aroma complexity is underlined. Bottling happened in July 2018.

A Sensory Experience

The canary yellow robe and its silver green hues are nicely clear and exude freshness.

The nose is fresh, young and enthusiastic, with very powerful aromas of white fruits (green apple, apricot…). Chenin Blanc exudes citrus fruit aromas (grapefruit, lemon) followed by floral notes (honeysuckle, lime tree, wild flowers) and a Schist mineral touch.

The mouth develops a lot of freshness, is straight and tonic as well as mineral, a sign of a wonderful Chenin Blanc.

Wine and Food Matching

Served at a 9 to 10°C temperature (48.2 to 50°F), this Savennières suits just fine:

  • Cooked or uncooked shells (warm oysters, scallop…)
  • Shellfish (langoustines, lobster or grilled crayfish or with its sauce)
  • Fish tartar or shellfish carpaccio (Scallop…)
  • Grilled or steamed fish or fish with its creamy sauce
  • Numerous goat cheeses, either fresh, dry, ashen, cold or warm

This wine will favorably evolve over the next 10 years, but is already enjoyable!
Dry White Wines

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