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Coteaux du Layon Chaume "Cuvée Hippolyte" 1997


  • 31,00€

  • /tax incl. PU *exclusive price
  • Vintage : 1997
  • Volume : 75
  • Grape : Chenin Blanc

Winemaking Criteria

The Chaume 1997 "Cuvée Hippolyte" celebrates the hundredth harvest since Hippolyte Tijou bought the estate in 1894 (first harvest always three years after plantation).

Sortings on the Chaume plot is the best illustration of our know-how: the best overripe grapes are selected through several late sortings. The "Cuvée Hippolyte" is a Cuvée « Réserve » : this kind of cuvée is made only for the best vintages, such as 1995, 1997 or 2003. Fermentation was long and the elevage was made in oak barrel.

A Sensory Experience

The golden yellow robe has wonderful bronze hues. The very delicate nose exudes flavors of concentrated fruits: exotic fruits proudly show their presence, while aromas of dried apricot, mango, vanilla and honey follow. The palate is crisp and persistent: the fruity taste is just up to the aromas.

Wine and Food Matching

Our Chaume 1997 "Cuvée Hippolyte" is perfect for the aperitive. We love to taste it with foie gras and several desserts such as tarts, or almond and walnut cakes.
Sweet White Wines

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