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Coteaux du Layon "Pièce de Chauvigné" 2013


  • 11,50€

  • /tax incl. PU *exclusive price
  • Vintage : 2013
  • Volume : 75 CL
  • Grape : Chenin

Winemaking Criteria

A patient waiting period is observed in order to get the best over ripeness of the Chenin Blanc mainly composed of noble rot on this 2013 vintage, a pretty hard vintage due to the rain. It has been hand-harvested through 3 sortings on our plot called « Pièce de Chauvigné ».

We proceeded to a natural and slow in-tank fermentation without any yeasting over several weeks. Through different tastings, Hervé Tijou decides to stop the fermentation once balance is obtained. Meticulous in-tank elevage was made in order to keep all the fine aromatic features, until February 2014, when the wine was bottled. 

A Sensory Experience

The canary-yellow robe is bright, with its delicate green hues, sign of a great freshness. The nose is young, warmly giving itself on white fruit aromas, citrus fruits (grapefruit), followed by apricot and pear. The palate is crisp and complex, with aromas of quince, apricot and mango, followed by tastes of honey. It is very dynamic, typical of the 2013 vintage, enhanced by the citrus fruit aromas in the final. A wonderful balance!

Wine and Food Matching

Very easy to drink right now, this Coteaux du Layon grown in the Loire Valley should be served at a 4 to 6°C (39 to 43°F) for aperitive and might be served with:

  • Confit gizzard and duck magret salad
  • Some poultry, white meat, or tender fishes, with its creamy Coteaux du Layon reduction sauce.
  • Blue-veined cheeses: Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert, Roquefort…
  • Warm tart Tatin, pear and almond paste tarts, apricot tarts, rhubarb tarts…
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