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Anjou Blanc 2020


  • 7,90€

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  • Vintage : 2020
  • Volume : 75 cl
  • Grape : Chenin 90% et une touche de Chardonnay
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Winemaking Criteria

  • Very good maturity of the Chenin Grape variety, to have a nice concentration of ripe fruit just at maturity in this fine vintage.
  • Adaptations of the pre-fermentation phases according to the vintage (respect for the harvest, hand-picked grapes, long pressing on the Chenin, meticulous settling...)
  • Controlled fermentation activities (yeasting, temperature regulation at 16 – 18°C, ,etc)
Short aging and bottling in spring to keep all the freshness of fruits and flowers.

A Sensory Experience

The color is yellow with gold reflections. The luminosity and brilliance confirm the care taken by the winemaker to the stability of his wine.

The attack on the nose is just like the visual ... a great smoothness and beautiful freshness at the same time: the heady flowers of honeysuckle, magnolia and linden, with notes of ripe apricots and pears. Chenin is dazzling, a very nice dry as we like it.

The palate is round in attack, with a strong impression of ripe white and yellow fruits, then an impression of liveliness brings a touch of freshness ... with just the touch of acidity that the palate needs!

Wine and Food Matching

Served at a 5 to 6°C temperature (41 to 42.8°F), this dry white wine perfectly matches:

  • Flavors of the sea: shellfish (langoustines / scampi), uncooked shells (oysters, clams…) and cooked (mussels in white wine, cockles…)
  • Vegetable flavors: leek tart, asparagus…
  • Garlic flavors: snails or frogs’ legs with their garlic butter…
  • Firm flesh fish: halibut, salmon, Loire Valley fried fish…
Our Anjou Blanc is at its best young. Don’t wait for tasting it !
Dry White Wines

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