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Rosé Cabernet d'Anjou 2018


  • 5,30€

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  • Vintage : 2018
  • Volume : 75 cl
  • Grape : Cabernet

Winemaking Criteria

The harvest for Rosé Cabernet d’Anjou occurred on October 9th and 10th 2015, when ripeness was just right. Half of the volume went to a several-hour pre-fermentation maceration, while the other half went to a direct pressing: this allows extracting fruity aromas and a delicate pink robe. Controlled temperature are observedall along the alcoholic fermentation. Mutage preserves the richness and the delicacy of aromas. Filtering happened on November 6th and 16th 2015.

A Sensory Experience

The bright rose salmon robe, very intense, shows delicate orange hues. The nose opens on delicate fresh and cooked red fruit aromas (strawberry, raspberry and cherry), followed by notes of green sweet pepper and fern. The mouth is just like the nose, soft and well balanced. All the aroma complexity of Cabernet Franc, locally called “le Breton”, exudes.

Wine and Food Matching

Served at a 5 / 6°C temperature (41 to 42.8°F), Rosé Cabernet d'Anjou leads to conversation, a wine that our “Boule de Fort” players (a local game, typical to the Anjou region) appreciate a lot. Your guests will be delighted to taste this refreshing wine during hot summertime!

Because of its smoothness and its natural bracing effect, Cabernet d’Anjou perfectly matches:

  • Aperitifs accompanied by roast bananas, warm prunes with some bacon,
  • Melons surrounded by red berries,
  • Warm “rillauds” on its “frisée” salad bed,
  • Exotic, Oriental or very spicy Asian Cuisine (shrimp acras, Caribbean blood sausages, meat with some curry sauce...)
  • Red berry tarts or salads: raspberry tarts, strawberry Bavarian...)

This wine is wonderful while young: don’t wait for tasting it.
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