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Anjou Gamay 2018


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  • Vintage : 2018
  • Volume : 75 cl
  • Grape : Gamay Noir
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Winemaking Criteria

We are waiting for the optimum ripeness of the Gamay Noir grape, which is then hand-harvested in picking-boxes. Maceration occured on two ways:

  • On 50% of the cuvée: carbonic maceration occured during 12 days followed by a strong heating in order to extract the color and the aromas.
  • On the remaining 50%: traditional 20 day-long maceration

At the end of the malolactic fermentation, we aerate the cuvée and proceed to racking several times. Thus we want to magnify its color and its structure. Filtering was made early and bottling occurred on winter 2017.

A Sensory Experience

The ruby-red robe is delicate and twinkles with its ruby red robe and its dark purple hues, a sign of a great freshness. The nose, young and “gourmand”, offers complex Spring fruity aromas of strawberry, raspberry and fresh cherry followed by a smell of candies and flowers. The mouth is very smooth, light and fresh, without any tanins, typical from Gamay Noir grown along the Loire River.

Wine and Food Matching

Served at a 15 to 17°C temperature (59 to 62.6°F), Anjou Gamay will perfectly match simple dishes and meals with some friends:

  • Delicatessen (“Rillauds”, “andouille” (chitterlings), “rillettes” (potted mince), cold “boudin noir” (blood sausage) with some “fleur de sel” (salt) some pepper…
  • Grilled white meat, or grilled sausages and chitterlings
  • Delicate red meat (Carpaccio or tartar…)
  • Slow-cooked beef (stew, daube…)
  • Soft rind cheese (reblochon, brie, camembert…)

Should be enjoyed during the year, in order to keep the freshness.
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