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Sauvignon 2020

Vin du Pays du Val de Loire SAUVIGNON

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  • Vintage : 2020
  • Volume : 75 cl
  • Grape : Sauvignon
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Winemaking Criteria

• Reasonable maturity of the Sauvignon variety to obtain the varietal character of the grape variety, harvested early at a cool temperature on September the 16th, 2019

• Adaptations of the pre-fermentation phases according to the vintage (respect of the harvest, direct pressing long, meticulous settling...)

• controlled fermentation (yeast, temperature regulation at 16 - 17°c, to reveal aromas of Thiols...) and obviously no malolactic fermentation to preserve the varietal aromas of this delicate variety.

• Short maturation. Bottling in April 2020 to save freshness.

A Sensory Experience

  • The light yellow color with greenish tinges is one of the characteristics of the Sauvignon grape.

  • It is like a real explosion, an olfactory firework that the nose indulges around fruity aromas: green apples, pears and especially grapefruits. We can find in the end a persistent expression of white and yellow flowers and a hint of fresh boxwood and fennel.

  • In the mouth we find the sensation of freshness and acidity of citrus (grapefruit and lemon) 

Wine and Food Matching

Served at a 5 to 6°C temperature (41 to 42.8°F), this dry white wine perfectly matches:

  • Flavors of the sea: shellfish (langoustines / scampi), uncooked shells (oysters, clams…) and cooked (mussels in white wine, cockles…)
  • Smoky flavors: smoked fish (trout, salmon, halibut, shark…)
  • Numerous fish, in tartar, sliced, or steamed (halibut, turbot…), or grilled (red mullet, mackerel, sardine)
  • Numerous goat cheese, especially dry or ash coated (Crottin de Chavignol)
Dry White Wines

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